IAS/UPSC Essay Writing Online Program, How to Write an Essay for UPSC/IAS Mains Exam: Online

hi friends as all of you are preparing for UPSC and I’m sure you must have seen lot of proper stock one thing is for sure the most important paper which determines your score your ranking and your own personality is the essay paper today we are going to talk about the essay paper it’s one of the most important paper for the reason that it is an open-ended paper where you can write your own ideas you can bring in your own knowledge own creativity and in fact show your own uniqueness amongst all the aspects such is the reason why many repeat attempters or of UPSC give their focus on writing more and more essays and improving more on this side so that they can improve some more score and gain some more marks obviously improving their ranks with this own single purpose of presenting your own ideas in the most structured way and the most impactful way is guru code has designed it as a program the SI program will be conducted by me and we will be taking you with two part of the essay number one will be the tests that you have to give tests which will be evaluated which will be also individually communicated to you with the counselling that how you have written your essays and then there are four sessions of improvement sessions for essay these are enrichment set sessions basically there is no standard format on which you PSA determines your essay there are certain practices which if incorporated in your essays can bring the past out of you and our whole target is to bring the best out of you in this essay examination for that we will be having this program has five tests for improve your score sessions and the test has to be submitted by Friday and the improve your sessions will happen on Saturday you will be getting all the content which will make your domain knowledge through sa more quality enriched apart from that the first essay which you have to submit by 13th of July is already written in the description box you can download it the SE program is best suited for students or as parents who are giving Maine’s 2018 students who have been giving means and are looking to improve their scores and looking for the exact guidance how to bring the best out of them students who do very well in the mock exam ination but when it comes to the exam day they have been fluttering somewhere these are the set of students who will find this program most suitable further and more about this session and details of the session is in the description box thank you

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