Contra Accounts

Content What Is Accumulated Depreciation Classified As On The Balance Sheet? Writing Off Bad Debt Features + Reports For Tracking Your Accounting! What Is A Contra Account? Definition Attributes Of Accounting Elements Per Real, Personal, And Nominal Accounts If your credit policy doesn’t reflect when to write off bad debt, below are a few tips …

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How To Calculate Straight Line Depreciation

Content How Depreciation Impacts Small Business Financial Statements Straight Line Depreciation Method: Definition, Formula, And Example Straight Line Depreciation For Your Business There are numerous forms of depreciation method but straight line depreciation method is the most common. The straight-line depreciation method doesn’t reflect the intensity of an asset’s usage, which can differ significantly from …

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Capital Expenses And Your Business Taxes

Content What Are Capital Expenditures In Real Estate? Capital Expenditures Vs Operating Expenditures (expenses): An Overview What Is The Difference Between Capital Expenditures And Operating Expenses? Capital expenses, on the other hand, occur much less frequently and with less regularity. Operating expenses are shown on the income statement and are fully tax-deductible, whereas capital expenditures …

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